Classy Gorilla Singing Telegrams
The best singing gorilla in Seattle and the Puget Sound area since 2011!

To schedule a singing telegram, email or call 237-2656

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"Classy Gorilla went above and beyond. Everyone present was simply amazed and almost died laughing. The prices are too low for the entertainment value. I'm telling everyone I know, and look forward to booking their services again!" - Tina

Thank you so much for the singing you did on Sunday. It made our trip to Seattle so special and memorable! You Rock!" - Megan

To schedule a singing telegram, leave a voicemail message for Nathaniel Jones at (253) 237-2656, or email

"Made my birthday unforgettable! It could not have come at a better time, and I was so surprised! It was the best birthday present ever! Nathaniel has a great voice, and also danced during his performance. Everyone present enjoyed his performance so much! Fabulous and Creative!!! Thank you!" - Janet

"Nathaniel!!!! I just got video of you and you did GREAT!!! Way better than I expected, thank you so much, you really made Lana's day...she's STILL embarrassed! Thanks again for a great job, worth every penny!" - Dana

"Thanks so much for coming here today Nathaniel – everyone got such a kick out of it. On his way out of the office my boss was carrying the teddy bear and he was scratching under his armpit like a gorilla and he was in a great mood! He really (secretly) enjoyed the attention I know. Thanks again – great job!!" - Katie

"Thanks so much for the great performance at the restaurant for my sister's BD dinner. She was definitely surprised and the reaction was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly, and I appreciate that you came a little early; and was in constant communication. It was very professional." - Laurie


Singing Telegram Characters

Classy Gorilla
Classy Gorilla

Classy Chicken

Classy Chicken


The Pirate Captain

Rock Star

The Rock Star

The Private Detective

Motivational Speaker

The Motivational Speaker / 50s Plaid

Pretty Lady

The "Pretty Lady"


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