Classy Gorilla Singing Telegrams
The best singing gorilla in Seattle and the Puget Sound area since 2011!

To schedule a singing telegram, email or call 237-2656

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• Frequently Asked Questions •

• Wait - singing telegrams still exist? •
The original singing telegram, delivered by Western Union, hasn't existed since the 1970s. However, since then they have continued to evolve as a novelty, with performers dressing up in a variety of costumes to deliver songs for birthdays, anniversaries, or other big events. Classy Gorilla has been delivering singing telegrams in the Puget Sound area since 2011, and hopes to continue for many years to come.

• What exactly is a singing telegram? •
A Classy Gorilla singing telegram is a custom-designed performance, so each one is different, but in general what happens is the gorilla (or character of your choice) arrives at the location (frequently the recipient's workplace, home, or party location), finds the person of honor, and proceeds to thoroughly embarrass him or her in front of their coworkers, friends, and family by singing, dancing, and other funny antics. After the performance, they will pose for some pictures, and then dash off into the mist.

• Who will be performing the singing telegram? •
All of the Classy Gorilla characters are performed by Nathaniel Jones, a professional actor and singer who has been performing on stage and with various musical groups in the Seattle area for over twenty years. For more information about him, check out his website,

• How did you get started as a singing telegram? •
Nathaniel Jones' first got started delivering delivering singing valentines with a barbershop quartet from the Federal Way Harmony Kings, and later on with the Chord Rangers in Austin, Texas. Then, in 2011, he started offering singing telegrams on his own to friends and family as a way to fill time between theater gigs, and bring in some extra money on the side. After a while, word got around, and he began to get requests from complete strangers, and so Classy Gorilla became an official, licensed business in the spring of 2012.

• Why should I order a singing telegram? •
Singing telegrams are the perfect way to create great, long-lasting memories of a special event - while traditional gifts may be forgotten in a closet or gathering dust on a shelf, nobody forgets the time a gorilla in a tux sang to them in front of their whole office on their birthday.

• Why should I order from Classy Gorilla instead of one of the big name, nation-wide companies? •
I like the but you'd be paying a much higher price than if you ordered through Classy Gorilla directly.

• How much notice do I need to give to place an order? •
If the schedule allows it, the Classy Gorilla can deliver a singing telegram with as little as an hour's notice. However, it is recommended that you call at least 24 hours ahead, or at least a week in advance for special requests.

• How far will Classy Gorilla travel? •
Theoretically, as long as travel arrangements can be made, Classy Gorilla will go anywhere in the world. The Classy Gorilla considers his home delivery area to be 20 miles from his home base in south King County, and then charges a $1/mile travel charge beyond that, plus any additional travel expenses, i.e. toll roads, ferries, parking if no free or street parking is available, etc. For longer distances, special arrangements must be made, especially if it would require a flight or overnight stay, but so long as it fits into the schedule, Classy Gorilla will try to make it work.

• I want a song that you don't have on your list - do you take requests? •
Yes, I can take special song requests, but for those I ask at least a week's notice so that I have time to learn it properly.

• I have a question that isn't frequently asked - how can I ask it? •
Please email any other questions to


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